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MUSIC ~ ELIXIR OF LIFE Music Venue . Contact Name  Kalilah Beck
We have KARAOKE ,
24 hours a day/ 7 days a week
Hang out, meet and greet sing on voice or stream Outdoor stage venue
Live Video streaming OPEN MIC Monday 12Pmslt
Theme  karaoke , plot to  hold youre  own  event !

Facebook Page :

Inworld Slurl :

Merry Pranksters.jpg

The Merry Pranksters Contact Name : Guru Witte
The Merry Prankster supports live music by hosting new and veteran Second Life performers, and has done so for twelve years. At the high tech, high times Merry Prankster venues, you can expect great music, great friends and good fun. Feel free to join the party with the Pranksters!

Facebook Page :

Calendar :

Slurl :

blues cove logo.png

The Blues Cove

The Blues Cove is a LIVE Music Venue  situated on open water leading to the Blake Sea with Helipad and dock for visiting sailors and pilots,We have regular shows Tuesday through Thursday. It's a mix of music with some Blues and Amazing artists, The aim of the club is to provide a happy feel and the best music also promoting the sailing world . The Venue is runninf for 7 years !

Facebook :


Slurl :
Contact Name : Aqua Willowind


Played Recently Website

Founded in 2019, 'played recently' is a blog for the Second Life live music community. The core are compact reports to discover music, artists and venues but also providing interviews and specials for information and background stories all about the scene.

Contact Name : Dee Cirieth

u-style design logo.png

U-Style Designs


" I build custom and unique stages for SL's Entertainers. Designer Acoustic Folk Guitars.  I have many other creations  that make great gifts. Come in to the shop and look around, or visit my Market Place store on-line.

MarketPlace Store :

Contact Name : Tazzi Kisses

Bellazur latine bar.png

Bellazur Latine Bar


Club Latino salsa, merengue, bachata, for parties of atmosphere and madness, DJ set, concert and sound and light show. Evenings are announced a week in advance on the arrival of the sim. A paradise island of white sand with romantic corners.

Facebook Page :

Calendar :

Contact Name : Coeurdeve Cyriac , Bellazil Resident


Angellions Club and Music Venue


Angellions Club and Music Venue is a french place where you can attend to some DJ Sets but also some Live Music Events every Wednesdays . 

Inworld Slurl :

Contact Name : Opaline Passiflora

Sapphire Logo gold.png

Sapphire Beach Club and Music Venue

A full region beach themed island (Skyhill) where people can relax, explore, celebrate live events and parties. Our passion is the LIVE EVENTS with bands and singers.​

- Beach area for chilling out, sunbathing, swimming, meet and greet, playing games and more.

- A yoga and meditation area to relax and recharge your batteries for the next trip in Secondlife.
- It has cuddle areas everywhere for those in love

Facebook Page :

Calendar  :

Contact Name : Amber Lefavre Mail :



Night Owl Music Venue

TNO is a place for people who like to listen to music, talk in local chat, and communicate with artists. No "bots" to fill the club, only people who come to support the music by their applause, their comments and their tips when they can !       Lots of fun little spots to cuddle and places to play.

Facebook Page :

Calendar :

Contact Name : SweetPea Shilova

randy's bar.png

Randy's Bar & Grill

Romantic place with caves, lakes, river and a stage with karaoke and open mic! It includes a nice country, blues and rock bar :) live music on thursday with real time singers; a good place for meet new friends! Land italiana! ITALIA! by Randy.

Facebook Page :

Calendar :

Contact Name : Randy Delucia , BlueSkye83it Resident , Sureenastarlight  Resident , Sunshie86 Resident

No Strings.png

~No Strings~

~No Strings~ is THE place to find awesome live performers Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday between the hours of Midnight and 7am SLT and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,  Friday and Sunday in the PM market.  A beautiful sim that offers many performance venues and places to hang out and chill.  Such as surfing, carnival rides, table games, diving and romance.

Facebook Page :

Calendar :

Contact Name : JohnnyBellows Resident , AyeshaBellows Resident

Gin & Juice.png

Ciera's Gin & Juice


~ A Live Music Venue - Performances from some of the best artists that Second Life has to offer, covering all genres of music.

Schedule Calendar

Contact Name : Cerberus Heiden


CooLers Music Venue


The something other Venue!! Live Music!!! WK Animals ,Bio Breeds Animals For Sale
Sexy Fashion,Fashion Shows meeting comunity
Global People coming together
Having Fun and having a good time
and we don t forget laughing
No Sex !

Contact Name : Nele35 Resident , Rocky TooCool

Vibe International.png

Vibe Iternational Live Music Venue


Venue with live performances, Djs check the schedule at your own location
the vibe was created for people who love live music and for artists who want to show their work, please support the live music ♥


Calendar  :

Facebook Page :

Contact Name : Lany21 Writer

Sweet Genesis.png

Sweet Genesis Live Music Venue


Sweet Genesis has been on the grid for over 2 years with its new and open club with so much to offer. We have the best of the best, from it's top 40 DJ's, Monthly Tribute concerts on the beach, To open Mic night Every Thursday 6-8pm where live singers can showcase their talents as well as Live Performances from some of the best artists in Second Life. Come check us out.

Calendar :

Facebook Page : 
Contact Name : Shamelesshussy Resident

Surfside Hideway.png

Surfside Hideaway Live Music Venue


Founded in January 2009, owned and operated by Desirae Beaumont, Surfside has become known for promoting excellence in live performing artists, having hosted such well known performers . An unique venue, providing a scenic venue for live performances, private parties, beach and surfing aficionados, and lovely gardens and romantic private settings to dance and romance in with someone special.
Live music, art, nature. Your hangout, surf and party place.

Facebook Page :
Contact Name : Desirae Beaumont

The Black Velvet.png

The Black Velvet Music Venue


 Sometimes you want to go Where everybody knows your name And they're always glad you came You want to be where you can see The troubles are all the same
You want…to go to The Black Velvet
A small venue for  people who love music, in particular BLUES.
where you can meet people 24/7. DJ's on Thursdays, Fridays
and Saturdays. And once in a while a live performer


Facebook Page :

Contact Name : Ramel Markova

Colour of Whispers 2019 Logo - FB.png

Colour of Whispers Live Music Venue

Australian Live Music Venue

More than 131 people belong to the group whom 31 performers included in the group as Perfomer Role

*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:**Come along to the billabong for fun, laughter and great live music.*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:**

Calendar :

Contact Name : Whisp Ampan


Synsation'z Music Venue

Synsation'z has 3 venues: Ballroom, Beach, and Underwater!  There is also access to 4 stores from our teleporter:  Second Nature Jewelery, Why Not? - Home & Garden Furniture, Simply Chic Boutigue (Owner DJ Addicted) - Clothing and Blue Sky Designs - Kids stuff.
Synsation'z is open 24/7 except for private parties, they are listed on the Synsation'z calendar, when booked!

Synsation'z is available to book for private parties, anyone interested need to contact Syn Ravenheart.

Calendar :

REMIXXX with white backround.png

RE - MIXX Music Sim

RE-MIXXX  Scandinavian  Entertainment Sim offering a mix of music styles, LIVE artist and memorable events.
We offer you freedom to make your own choice
Blues - Rock - Metal - House - 40s to 90s   - YOU  name it  - WE have it fitted to matching styled CLUBS!
Enjoy good music and  Scandinavian sim with low lag!

Website :

Facebook Page:

Contact Name : Elen (Elen Porthos), DJQT, Sohvi Sweetwater, Abbis Salamander, Eerik Spyker, JErik Snowbear 

Big Jo Chill out.png

BIG`s CHill Out - All Time REAL LIVE Music Venue


info fr our places Recordings are not allowed
Backing Tracks allowed but voice or instrument used must be live
Karaoke Machine Allowed (singing is a talent)
Performances should be done here and at the same time on Facebook or Youtube, this ensures that you are really "live"


Contact Name : Nhaomi Morrisey JO BIG

Treble Clef.png

Treble Clef Live Music Venue


Treble Clef is a live music venue that features jazz, rock, blues and acoustic performers. It is home to two performance areas - a casual to formal bar and a terrace. It also has an art gallery and a cafe for those who want to indulge in quiet conversations.

Facebook : Facebook: 


Contact Name : Sputnikstar Resident, Aja Direwytch, Leona Oller

Home Of Peace (VIP & Residents - Live &

Home Of Peace Music Venue


Home Of Peace is a french Live Music Venue where you will meet friendly people

Live Music all along the week but their main activity are the Open Mic occuring every Thusday at 11.30 am SLT


Contact Name : ChocolatBlack Resident

beautiful disaster3.png

Beautiful Disaster Music Venue


Live music venue, loves supporting our musicians! Open Monday thru Friday, 2 shows a night! Please, human avi's only. This is an adult sim, so no child avi's please.! Come and have a good time!

Facebook Page :


Slurl :

Contact Name : Neyrin Amantes

tiaki logo 2.png

Tiaki Sim and Music Venue

Tiaki is a Maori word meaning -" to care for, to nourish." 
If you are looking for a friendly, welcoming  D/s  community, this is the place to be. 
We recognize everyone's wants and needs are different, members practice D/s their way. 
Just one guiding rule- treat others with respect. 
We Feature play and RP areas,  Live Music,  DJ's and regular community events. 
Check our  Calendar at the landing point for this week's events! 

Facebook Page :


Slurl :

Contact Name : LornaAbigail Resident , Shawn Briner , 

NEW KANDY  2019.png

Kandy Kyong Youtube Channel

i work for Sound Stage Live as a Videotographer .
You will start seeing my music videos on the Sound Stage Live Website...♬


i will be visiting many of the Venues and recording Live Entertainment to share on the web-page... If you would like to join Sound Stage Live in world.. we are happy to have you...
As a part of the SL Live Performers and music community, 

Youtube Channel :

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