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F L Y (flyqueeen) Profile.png

Fly, as a live violin performer, is streaming into second life from Istanbul, since June 2019.  Performing improvisation &  Jazz, Rock and some Pop genres from different time periods from various artists.
She keeps working on her events in SL.

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Looking for a smooth, relaxing sax sound? You'll find it in the performer Chocolatblack. His shows are filled with a fun, easy going vibe that draws you in and makes you feel at home. He performs a mix of Jazz, fusion, pop and reggae that blend seamlessly together. His sound is simply amazing, something not to be missed. The songs are familiar, but with a new, flowing and effortless undertone that will take you to a different place and time.

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Midnight McCarty

Midnight McCarty is a RL instrumental guitarist from the SF Bay area.  Influenced early on by Van Halen, Joe Satriani, and Eric Johnson, his set leans heavily towards virtuoso guitar instrumentals, but in Second Life he's expanded his repertoire to include a range of classic rock hits, including songs from Cream, Deep Purple, Montrose, Neil Young, Blue Oyster Cult, The Rolling Stones, and many others.

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Lexus Melodie

Lexus Melodie.png

Lexus Melodie is a British singer-songwriter whose performances combine great music, warmth of personality and a sense of humor in equal quantities. She has a voice that can melt hearts but never takes herself too seriously. Her list of covers is eclectic, with a slight bias towards the best of British music from the Beatles to Kirsty MacColl to the Arctic Monkeys.

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Winter, unlike the season, brings warmth, passion, and a vibrant personality full of humor to SL's live music environment. This powerful singer/songwriter performs a high energy rock, blues rock and classic rock guitar show covering tunes from Elvis and the Beetles to Bon Jovi and Metallica!
With Winter, you can be sure that you will only get a real live performance with all the little variations of his "in the moment" interpretations.  You will leave knowing that you have just heard the finest music in SL! Yes, my friend, WINTER IS HERE!

DimiVan Ludwig 


Dimivan Ludwig is a veteran pro, performing in Second Life since 2006.  When you see Dimi perform, you get 100% Dimi... Dimi is renown for his naughty humor during his performances. No one is safe during a Dimi show, and everyone leaves with a smile on their face.  Couple his hilarious humor with an amazing voice and a superb ability to play the guitar and piano, you will certainly leave a Dimivan Ludwig show wanting more! 

YouTube Channel :


Hedy Patrucci

Hedy Patrucci 3.png

Hedy's career in music began at the age of 6 when she performed at a local event with her brothers.
The first song she sang was "Daddy's Home".       
Today, Hedy mesmerizes her audiences with her unique soulful voice, bringing to her stage many years of music experience


YouTube Playlist :

Tim Anadyr

Tim Anadyr.png

If you need to wake up or drift away tonight Tim Anadyr is your answer! Tim's folky style and smooth, tonal vocals combined with his exceptional guitar work will remind you of music purity at its best! Tim plays 6 string and 12 string guitar and has been known to grab his Strat and Harmonica from time to time too! Tim covers everything from Bob Dylan all the way through the musical spectrum to Neil Diamond as well as throwing in some grooving originals here and there

RoseDrop Rust

RoseDrop Rust.png

Sensitive ballads, classic rock and roll, unusual covers, unique songs from personal friends, heartfelt originals accompanied by live guitar or piano. Sometimes I may throw in a poem or two. I have played in excess of 3000 gigs in SL.

I like to write a unique announcement piece for every show. I send it to multiple live music groups and my own which is Rusty Nails.

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Icecremn Merlin

Icecremn Merlin.png

Icecremn Merlin, a musician and recording artist living in northern California. Ice was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. 

Icecremn Merlin recently returned to the music scene with new equipment, new sound and some great covers you will love.  Rock and roll live from his studio in Folsom CA.  




Live singer since few month on SL, I express myself through music with slow rock songs. Interpret singers such as Snow Patrol, Radiohead, The Guns, Metallica, Cranberries to Francis Cabrel, Micher Berger ....French singer, living in Corsica, singing since 20 years now, music is a big part of myself. Singing is my way for escape and share with other what i am.

Calendar :

Gandalf Mornngton

Gandalf Mornington.png

Gandalf Mornington plays acoustic guitar and sings.  He is picking this back up after a RL induced hiatus.  He is a self taught guitar player and played for about 12 years before RL took him away from that (many more than 12 years ago).

Gandalf plays Grateful Dead, Jimmy Buffett, Gordon Lightfoot, CSN, John Denver, Arlo Guthrie,  The Eagles, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Moody Blues and more. 

Facebook Page :

JeanPaul Roelofs

JeanPaul Roelofs.png

 JeanPaul Roelofs is a Dutch musician and composer of instrumental music who has been playing for many years.  As a keyboardist, he plays a variety of genres including a blend of classic rock, pop, jazz, modern classical, and adult contemporary.  His song list includes some of the greatest songs such as Eve of the war, Children by Robert Miles and other great songs.  If thats not enough, he also writes his own music!

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Randy DeLucia

Randy De Lucia Promo 2.png

Randy , vocalist, musician, sound engineer, composer, arranger, is from La Spezia, Italy. With many years of performing experience, including several bands, and a new one in the works, this performer is a great addiction to the SL music scene. Singing to tracks many of your favorite covers and a countryrock and rock'n'roll genre. Come enjoy this energetic performer, you will be glad you did.

Soundcloud :  




Guitarist  Singer, JoeSatriani Feden Aka SATCH performs  a wide variety of songs  from Crunchy Blues guitar Like Gary Moore, John Mayer, Hendrix Style to Classic Rock Transiting through to the 80’s ,90’s Alternative rock such as Coldplay, Muse, Gun N Roses, Nirvana, Keane, Oasis, Green Day, Blink 182, Deftones and many many More!

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Ugly Bill


Ugly Bill has been singing since he was a tender, young, choir boy in church choirs where he was the solo boy soprano for those years before his voice changed. The boy was rather mercenary and moved from church to church until he found the one that paid best, sold his angelic voice to the highest bidder, regardless of the flavour of their God.

Soundcloud :

Rocky TooCool

Rocky's music consists of many songs, ranging from Southern Rock, Classic Rock, Oldies but Goodies, Jazz,Blues, Ballroom, Country and Some Pop Songs  .
Rocky works most days in Sl, singing his heart out and is one of the busiest singers in SL. His voice will melt your heart and soul and keep you coming back for more

Grace McDunnough

[ Grace McDunnough.png

A Second Life AMA and Avi Choice Award winner, Grace is an Indie singer/songwriter from Atlanta, GA and draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of folk, soul, alternative rock and blues. Grace throws down a variety of acoustic cover and original sets with an old guitar, rich lyrics and powerfully raw vocals that will leave your heart pounding with her interpretations of artists from Norah Jones to Billie Eilish.

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Down's voice IS his instrument.  He is a pure vocalist and has without a doubt fine tuned his craft.  Down's voice is pure, penetrating, powerful and mesmerizing.  His ability to invoke the exact tones, pitch and sounds of the many songs he sings is simply incredible and is an absolute joy to hear.  Some examples of songs that you could expect to hear Down sing are INXS - Never Tear Us a Part, Matchbox 20 - Long Day, Metallica 

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Wes West

Wes West.png

Coming your way from the Rocky Mountains, Wes will enchant your venue with his melodies of gentle folk and soft rock.  He brings his numerous years as a musician in the real world to the virtual world where his charm and down to earth vocals & guitar will charm your guests with the calming acoustics that he's fond of.

Playing his well-strummed guitar, Wes will present many great songs of love and the different journeys that each of us are on in our own lives 

Soundcloud :

Calendar :

Mandala Bee

Mandala, a Rio de Janeiro Brazilian, loves to entertain her audience.  She is a guitarist and singer.  Her vocal style is Bossa Nova. Bossa nova or "new trend/new wave" is a style of Brazilian music, which was developed & popularized in the 1950s and 1960s.  Today it is one of the best-known Brazilian music styles abroad.  A lyrical fusion of samba and jazz. However, her musical style doesn't stop there!  It includes Blues, Rock, Pop and of course Romantic Songs.

Youtuibe :

Abby Jaidov

Abby Nov Promo.png

A long time SL'er many have known Abby as a SL DJ, but she's now bringing her talents and skills as a singer, songwriter and musician to SL.   Abby Jaidov has over 20 years RL experience performing solo as well as in bands, mainly along the east coast, but also toured nationally for a few years. While she plays guitar, bass and drums, her sets in SL are primarily acoustic guitar sets where she performs a mix of originals and covers.  

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Tsu SL red background pic.png

I play mellow instrumental music, it's all improvised, mostly original.
Website :

I have numerous CD's available there, some as hard copies others as download only..

my youtube videos and be found here:

YouTube Channel :

I play mostly original instrumental music on the Native American style flutes and guitars.

Kris Composer

Kris Composer.png


Jo Big.png

Mimi Carpenter


Winston Ackland


Princess Pea

Princess Pea.png

Putri Solo

Putri Solo.png

Jani Runo



Myst promo 2018 square.png

Paradorn Ansar

Paradorn-Ansar Promo 2018.png


BAZ PROMO 2018  512.png

Grace Loudon

Grace 2019.png

Offerus Fouquet


StayAway Joe

SAJ w name 1.png

In RL StayAwayJoe is a Chef  and is also a Musician in RL.  He is an acoustic player, loves his Gibson's and also plays some Harmonica.  Just a few effects & Loops Created  by me, so the sound is raw & live.

He has many favorite artists: Steely Dan, Neil young, Billy Joel, Sixto Rodriquez, Led Zeppelin, Leonard Cohen, Chili peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, David Bowie , REM,Elto John, INXS, Just to name a few.
Facebook :

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chant +micro robe rouge decolete fond gr

My heart and my musical influences travel between latin America and France. granddaughter and artist's daughter, my soul has always known the meaning of the artistic....I'm a musician and like many musicians I'm a creative, loving art in the broad sense of the term.

guitarist, pianist, author, composer, performer....I hope that my musical universe will please you and you count among my fans during my concerts. Singing French-latino lover genre of musique

Facebook :

Brendan Shoreland


Performing his own material or favourite covers, the story is everything. Brendan aims to tell the story with precision and clarity. His meticulous guitar playing serves to underpin the story and lead you towards a rounded and satisfying experience.

Brendan Shoreland has delivered over one thousand Second Life performances and has always remained true to his principle that live music should be exactly that. No backing tracks and no special effects; just one voice and one guitar emanating from south west England.

Website :

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