CisumWeb Magazine is offering different advertising solutions on our website

Free Advertising solutions concerning live music business related : Live Music Venue , Music Stores , Sims related to Live Music 

Get Your  CisumWeb Magazine Ad board to rezz at your venue or your location and allow us to be more visible ! We are a non profit promotionnal tool for Second Life Live Music ! Each Owner using it will be added as venue partner  .

Get it for free here :

Or Also AVailable CisumWeb Magazine Mesh Kiosk 2 Prims

Once you have purchased the ad board or the magazine kiosk ( for free on market place )  contact us and we will add you in Venue Partner Menu

We require a texture 512x512 , a description of your venue , your store or your sim related to live music and any web links you want to feature .

Main Partners FrontPage SideBar 

Any  Second Life Media or Website related to Live Music 

This advertising solution only concerns partnership between our and your website links exchange .

We put on the FrontPage Sidebar your logo added to any website link you want to add to the texture .

This is the best exposure on our website you could be featured in .

We talk in this case about cross advertising between you and CisumWeb Magazine .

All we need is a logo 512x512 and a website link of your choice .

As soon as you have added our logo and link redirection to our website  we willdo the same for you  .

This is a lifetime Partnership as long as both parties agree to respect the Partnership

Advertising solutions for non music business related . 

This advertising solution is a paid one as we are only promoting only for free Live Music in Second Life .

Every business are welcomed to purchase this advertising solution as long as it is non adult business related .

Advertise your events your sim or any business in Second Life with a texture 175x115 and a web link of your choice ( website , slurl , flickr , facebook page , market store )

Here are the rates for this advertising solution .

Home Page Ads :
1200 Linden Dollars / Month

Special Promotion
2 months : 2000 Linden Dollars ( 400 Linden Dollars off ! )
3 months : 2800 Linden Dollars ( 800 Linden Dollars Off ! )

Blog Ads Page
1000 Linden Dollars / month

Special promotion:
2 Months : 1600 Linden Dollars ( 400 Linden Dollars Off !
3 Months : 2200 linden Dollars ( 800 Linden Dollars Off !

Other Website Pages :
700 Linden Dollars / Month

Special Promotion :
2 Months : 1000 Linden Dollars ( 400 Linden Dollars Off ! )
3 Months : 1200 Linden ( 800 Linden Dollars Dollars Off ! )

CisumWebMagazine can also Promote your events . If you have a Special Event upcoming such as Anniversary , Fund Raiser , Charity Event , Grand Opening or a very unique Event  , we can can help you to promote this event with a special article describing it .

You just have to send us a mail to request a special event article  and we will reply as soon as possible . Think that it is a promotional review and that our readers need some time to read it . Send your request  at least 3 days days before your event and we will do the necessary to take contact with you and publish in the best delays the promotionnal article .

This service is entirely free completely without any costs !

Mail contact :


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